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International Football Association Board (IFAB) – Organization that maintains the “Laws of the Game,” the rules of soccer.

International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) – Organization that administers world soccer.

U.S. Soccer – ussoccer.com; USSF; FIFA-recognized organization that administers soccer in the United States.

United States Soccer Federation (USSF) – same as U. S. Soccer.

U.S. Youth Soccer (USYSA) – usyouthsoccer.org; arm of USSF that promotes youth soccer in the United States.

SoccerDictionary.biz – Home of The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY of American Terms.

soccer.com – Huge on-line selection of soccer equipment, team uniforms, apparel and gifts.

Major League Soccer – MLS; premier United States men’s professional league.

National Women’s Professional Soccer League – NWSL; premier United States women’s professional league.

Soccer.org – computer games and activities for kids.

Soccer Wikipedia – Wikipedia article with a basic overview and background of soccer.

Google Soccer News – creates a current Google search for soccer news.

ESPN Soccer – espnfc.com coverage of world football.

GotSoccer – travel team rankings, tournaments, magazine, and software; contains a series of very clever videos.

eTeamz – free soccer websites.

Demosphere – soccer administrative tools.

United Soccer Coaches – formerly the National Soccer Coaches Association of America (NSCAA); soccer coaching education.

Soccer Learning Systems – SLS; soccer instructional materials, especially videos.

Pill’s Drills – free drills from Coach Jeff Pill.

easy-Sports graphics – soccer graphics software.

easy-Sports animation – soccer animation software.

Soccer America – socceramerica.com Magazine; scores, news, commentary and more.

Coerver Coaching – internationally-known Dutch coach instructional soccer programs.

EA Sports – EA Sports latest game-system offerings for soccer, FIFA 19.

Jaypro Sports – Goals and other equipment.

World Class Coaching – Articles and drills provided by coaches from around the world.

Dinn Brothers Trophies – Soccer specialty trophies, medals, plaques, and awards.


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