Trainers Kit



In addition to the First Aid Kit, the Coach’s Kit, and the Water Kit on game days, at the highest levels soccer coaches may also create, maintain, and have with them the following equipment for a Trainer’s Kit:

Adhesive Spray

Ankle Brace



Cold Spray

Donut Pads

Eye Wash

Foam Padding

Knee Brace

Knee Splint, Rigid

Large Elastic Wraps

Latex Gloves

Mole Skin

Padded Heel Cups

Physio Tape (Kineso Tape; Motion Tape)



Splints (also Air Splints)

Sun Glare Black

Tape Cutter

Tape, Traditional Athletic

Tongue Depressors

Water Bottles

In addition, coaches should have an appropriately-sized Carrying Case that readily holds all of the supplies. At a minimum, the case should be labeled with the coach’s name. The kit may be taken to the field, but is usually kept in a vehicle which is easily accessible during practice or game days.

There are some pre-packaged trainers kits commercially available from the Cramer and Mueller companies. Together with the Baxter company, they also sell trainer kit supplies individually.

Further, Cramer sells the following registered trademark items that may be included in a kit:

Skin Lube ®

Cinder Suds ® Soap

Atomic Balm ® Analgesic Ointment

Tuff Skin ®

Nitrotan ® Germicide

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