An American Soccer Player’s Creed ™


©Coaching American® presents the following as An American Soccer Player’s Creed by which soccer players may conduct themselves as part of a general tactical philosophy.

I will know where the ball is at all times and never turn my back to the ball.

I will keep my eyes on the ball, in bounds and out.

I will never make a throw-in error.

I will always keep intelligent communication flowing between myself and my teammates.

I will always talk with my coach, especially to self-report an injury or if I believe I may have a concussion.

I will never put down a teammate.

I will never incite an opponent or be affected by an opponent’s “trash” talk.

I will never kick a ball out of bounds on a corner kick.

I will constantly move properly according to the flow of play.

I will always set up passing opportunities.

I will always know where opponents are when receiving a pass and never let the ball be “stolen.”

I will strive to get the “big picture” at all times and know what all players are doing.

I will strive to play hard and aggressively, giving 100% at all times, but not commit stupid fouls.

I will know what my options are with the ball before I receive it.

I will consistently move to the position that will best benefit my team.

I will never retaliate or show dissent after being fouled.

I will keep my vision on the ball during the performance of ball skills.

I will listen to my opponents to obtain strategic and tactical information.

I will never allow my opponents to do anything uncontested.

I will never anticipate a referee’s call. I will not stop playing until I hear the referee’s whistle.

I will never agonize over my mistakes, I will learn from them.

I will always play as part of the team.

I will know all the Laws of the Game and how they are applied.

I will honor the game, demonstrating fair play and sportsmanlike behavior both on and off the field.

© Copyright, John C. Harves