U. S. Men’s National Soccer Team Practice


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On May 28, 2012, Coach Jurgen Klinsmann and the United States Men’s National Soccer Team held a practice at the University of Maryland (Ludwig Field, College Park) which was open to the public by the United States Soccer Federation.  The light practice was held between friendlies with Scotland in Jacksonville, FL (5-1 win) and Brazil in Landover, MD (1-4 loss):

Main team (field players)

Lap around field

“Snaps” (rubber bands) above knees

Static stretching

Dynamic stretching

Quick steps

Low (soccer) hurdles

Resistance bands between pairs

Sand bags

Pairs with ball with movement

4 small goals:  goals 2 and 2 designated with flags matching teams (one in red practice jersies, one in blue pinnies); played 9 v 9 + 2 (free players in yellow pinnies); extra balls with assistants around field; no restrictions, then two-touch

3 full-sized goal “game”:   standard goals, one at normal end, two placed on either side of midline beyond center circle; 10 v 10 with goalkeepers at all goals; water break; switch ends

Static stretching

Distance shooting and serves

Five-point receive and shoot:  Shooter at top of 18; servers at both corners, just inside both touchlines level with center circle, and at midfield at edge of center circle



Saves:  Touch post, then alternate ground ball from 7-yards (sent from corner of goal area), and then waist high

Saves:  Short shot, then punch (delivered by hard bounce off surface), then long shot

Saves:  Shots from 12-yards (opposite sides, taken from outside of the posts)

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