Instruction and Drills


Youth Soccer Coaching Manual for an Instructional Soccer Program



Each of the following presentations of soccer skills (or techniques) is divided into three parts. The Introduction is intended for coaches. The Demonstration is the presentation by the coach to the players. Coaches need to remember that the Demonstration is critical to learning. There should be very little oral discussion and more concentration on visual instruction. Players at this age should be told the name of the activity and then see how it’s done and then immediately be allowed to try it. The Drills put the skills into practice. The drills are designed to be fun.  Minor, very brief, corrections can be made during the drills, but they should rarely be stopped. (Coaches should read through each of these presentations thoroughly and ensure that they are comfortable with being able to make the demonstrations. If any doubt persists, they should consult their Club instructor.) As with the “Fun Games,” the drills are not presented in an age-specific manner. Coaches should move on to the more challenging activities as soon as their players can handle them.

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