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Welcome!  The Coach truly believes there is an American style of coaching soccer that speaks for itself. As such, this site is intended to provide the American coach with resources and tips that provide help for their program.  All guests are appreciated, for we have a large following around the world.  Over time, this site will be expanded to reflect this approach: the presentation of techniques for teaching, coaching, and administering youth soccer to advanced soccer for the full outdoor game.  The previous menu may found by clicking on the “Entire Site – A Wealth of Resources” box below.

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Written by John Harves – successful collegiate player, youth and university coach, and experienced referee – CoachingAmericanSoccer.com® is a vital resource to help players, coaches, parents, fans, administrators, and journalists learn the game and its rules. Soccer is recognized as the most popular sport in the world – for players and spectators. The game has one of the highest participation rates in the United States, for both genders, at all levels – youth, collegiate, and professional.

ALL OF THE MATERIAL ON THIS WEBSITE IS FREE FOR INDIVIDUAL USE!  NEW ARTICLES AND UPDATES ARE PROVIDED BEFORE AND DURING EACH FALL AND SPRING SEASON.  (Please click on the “New & Updated Articles” box above.)  All material on this site is copyrighted and any reproduction is subject to the restrictions identified in the linked copyright disclaimer contained in the footer below.

“The two most important needs for a soccer coach in America are education and playing experience.  Education can come from websites, books and videos, but formal training provided by organizations like United Soccer Coaches and the United States Soccer Federation is invaluable.  There is no substitute for playing experience.  If there are no adult teams or leagues available, start one.  All it takes to begin is two people and a ball.”  – John Harves

NOTES: 1. Regarding gender equity, articles may refer to “he;” both “he” and “she” are implied. 2. All players are to be taught all skills. It is acknowledged that specialization occurs with time, but young players are not served properly by being type-cast. 3. Terms like “U-7” (generally meaning “under seven years of age”) are used occasionally. This reflects a structure associated with age-appropriate competitions, but players learn at different rates! It is the coach’s responsibility to teach as much as possible as soon as it can be handled by the individual.

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©Copyright 2020 - CoachingAmericanSoccer.com®

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