Introduction to the Instructional Soccer Program


Youth Soccer Coaching Manual for an Instructional Soccer Program


This Instructional Soccer Program is a “child-centered” (“child-oriented” or “child-centric”) program, of the type endorsed by child psychologists, U. S. Youth Soccer, and the United Soccer Coaches organization (formerly the National Soccer Coaches Association of America).  It is designed to maximize the opportunity for EVERY child to be successful and to enjoy their first exposure to the sport.  As such, this Program does NOT include any provision for competitive games.

The “competitive-game” (“game-centered,” “game-oriented” or “game-centric”) approach has been proven repeatedly, year-after-year, to crush the spirit and interest of a significant percentage of very young children.  Organizations that use competitive games as the foundation of their introduction to soccer do not have the interest of all of their participants at heart.

Accordingly, the objectives of this program are to provide very young children with a fun experience, outdoor exercise, developmental growth, and an introduction to the game of soccer and its fundamental skills that tries to minimize putting them into situations that they do not understand or that they are not prepared to handle.

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