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Now available in 4 formats:  the 418-page PAPERBACK (COMPLETE), a Kindle eBook (COMPLETE), and 2 abridged Kindle eBook versions (“Condensed” and “Basic”)


The ULTIMATE SOCCER DICTIONARY of American Terms is the largest and most complete U.S. soccer glossary ever published. Written by John Harves – successful collegiate player, coach, and experienced referee – this dictionary is the vital resource to help players, coaches, parents, fans, administrators, and journalists learn American soccer terminology and current jargon and better understand the game and the rules.

Each version of the dictionary includes powerful learning tools — e.g., the entire “Quick-Start Guide” (more than 230 introductory terms especially helpful for those new to soccer); and selected “On-field Oral Communication” directives (excellent teamwork-building tools).

10% DISCOUNT on the complete 418-page PAPERBACK (complete dictionary)!

You may place your order on Amazon.com  OR  by clicking on the following LINKS, which will take you directly to Amazon’s order page for each version:

Paperback, COMPLETE ($19.99) at  Amazon.com (PAPERBACK, COMPLETE) 
[On the Amazon.com main site, we are not able to offer a discount];

      If you order the PAPERBACK through Amazon’s “CreateSpace” page  [CreateSpace.com/5788570],  you will receive a 10% discount on the PAPERBACK version  by using our DISCOUNT CODE# GDV97XVL .  Log in to Amazon’s “CreateSpace” page [shown above] to apply the 10% discount.  (If you don’t have an Amazon “CreateSpace” log in, Amazon will ask you to log in using your email address and a password you create for your order.  When you place your order on Amazon’s “CreateSpace.com/5788570” site (to get the 10% discount), your order will be fulfilled by Amazon.com — with Amazon’s secure payment system, prompt shipment, and convenient return policies.

Kindle eBook, COMPLETE ($9.99)  Amazon.com (Kindle eBook, COMPLETE version)

Kindle eBook, “CONDENSED” ($3.99)  Amazon.com (Kindle eBook, CONDENSED version)

Kindle eBook, “BASIC” ($1.99) (Or FREE! during Special Promotions) Amazon.com (Kindle eBook, BASIC version)

In addition to the 10% Promotional Discount on the PAPERBACK version, we also offer a Special Promotion for the “BASIC” version six times a year.  The BASIC version is a useful INTRODUCTION to the complete dictionary, with over 800 soccer terms (20% of the complete dictionary), with hyperlinks for selected terms using the dictionary’s POWERFUL TOOLS (e.g., the “Quick-Start Guide” in Appendix 1 and the “On-field Oral Communication” tools in Appendix 4).  During these six special days, simply go to Amazon.com  and download the BASIC dictionary for FREE.

For Additional Information, Visit:  www.SoccerDictionary.biz

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