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Notes for Parents and Coaches



  • This is expected to be an all-volunteer operation.  Say “THANK YOU!” to all the volunteers.
  • A parent or guardian is to be available for all children at all times during practices.
  • Please park in marked spaces.  Unless all spaces are taken, please do not park on the grass and please never park in driveways.
  • No dogs are permitted on any of the grounds.
  • If a coach is going to be absent, he or she should make arrangements for a substitute.  If no coach or substitute is available at a practice, parents should organize and run the practice themselves.
  • Players are not to practice at the real goals.
  • Players should never pull up or play with the corner flags.
  • Parents and friends are requested to sit to the “outside” of the practice grids, not in the “middle aisle.”
  • Please bring a trash bag.  Collect all trash at the end of your session.  Take your trash with you.
  • Upon departure, make sure you leave all Club equipment (discs, cones, and scrimmage vests) in place.
  • Parents should offer praise, enthusiasm, cheer, energy, and positive reinforcement.  Pay attention when instruction is given.  There is a lot more to soccer than just “run” and “kick it.”

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