Coach’s Kit



In addition to the First Aid Kit, the Trainers Kit, and the Water Kit on game days, soccer coaches should also create, maintain, and have with them the following equipment as a Coach’s Kit:


Air pump

Ball bag(s)

Cloth to erase diagramming board

Coaching stakes (coaching sticks, coaching poles)


Diagramming board (dry erase board with outline of field)


Disk strap and/or cone holder

Dry erase markers

Goal targets

Flat markers (discs)

Inflation needles

Jump ropes

Permanent marker

Practice balls

Rope for goalkeeper demonstrations

Scrimmage vests (pinnies)

Team equipment bag

Tether ball

Vest bag


Whistle and lanyard



(In addition to the practice items…)

Assistant referee flags

Backup game jerseys

Backup goalkeeper jerseys (2 different colors)

Backup whistle and lanyard

Captains arm band

Game balls

Goalie gloves

Hair ties (Girls’ “scrunchies”)

Shin guards


Twine or string (to use to repair nets)

Field Marking

Field diagram

Field marker

Large nails or stakes

Marker spray cans (athletic paint)


Tape rule, metal (100-feet minimum)


Game Field Set-Up

Corner posts and flags ( and/or corner posts and flags specific to artificial turf fields – weighted hard-rubber bases)

Corner posts and flags carry bag

Goal anchor bags


Net bag

Net pegs (tent pegs)

Net ties or clips


Ropes for nets, if no clips or ties are available

Stepladder (2- or 3-step)


Other Items for Consideration

Agility dots

Agility ladders

Agility poles for artificial turf fields

Back-yard Tennis nets

Bag of Sand (for filling holes)

Bungee Training Link (for “Flat Back Four”)

Canopy, team (for shade and gathering place)

Dummy, Dummies (Mannequins)

Electronic (Player) Performance Tracking System (EPTS)

Hurdles (sets or graduated)

Magnetic diagramming board with magnets

Mannequins, solid or inflatable (“Free Kick Men”)

Mini Cones / Mini Disks

Passing arcs/gates

Pendulum ball

Portable goals (full-sized)


Referee/coaches watch

Resistance bands


Shelter, team

Small bucket or pail (for bailing water or collecting rocks, glass or debris)

Small goals (mini-goals, pop-up goals, portable goals)

Speed (resistance) chutes

Speed ladders

Speed rings


Telescoping Agility Poles

Thin Plastic (“Caution”) Tape (for use as a makeshift goal “crossbar”)

Video camera and tripod

© Copyright, John C. Harves